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Before Disaster Strikes: The Criteria Servicers Should Use in Picking an Insurance Partner

While claims handling is often a small piece of the insurance partner selection process for servicers, the insurance partner’s performance of their obligations under the insurance policy is a direct reflection on the servicer and their relationship with the homeowner. Learn more about why effective claims practices matter and how to recognize the hallmarks of […]

Data Driven Marketing for the Housing Industry

Data Driven Marketing for the Housing Industry

Improve campaign results by leveraging multiple data points Join us for a 30 minute webinar on how programmatic advertising can help your company speak directly to your target audience effectively and efficiently. Learn how programmatic adverting is currently used in the housing industry, and how leveraging additional layers of data sources can transform real-world, offline […]

Vacant, damaged, and in default: A servicer’s dilemma

The paper outlines the investor and guarantor requirements for managing vacant, damaged properties in default.  How to avoid perils, manage risk, and meet the expectations of investors like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and meet the conveyance requirements of guarantors like HUD. Publisher: Superior Home Services Date: May 2017

Flood insurance tools to mitigate customer and lender risk from flood losses

Flood events constitute almost 80% of the annual U.S. weather-related catastrophes, and for servicers, it’s critical to ensure their asset portfolio is fully protected. While flood insurance is a valuable tool of protection, there are enhancements that would make the overall flood protection program more financially sound while better protecting individual homeowners and taxpayers. Publisher: National […]

Ellie Mae Webinar - Digital Transformation for Lenders

Digital Transformation for Lenders

  Platform Lending for the Mortgage Industry Digital Transformation is impacting many industries and transforming the mortgage industry is no exception. Due to the information rich nature of the loan process the industry demands that data be rapidly exchanged across multiple disparate systems. This ability to exchange information and create a fully digital process leads […]

Will the CFPB even be around in 2018?

Will the CFPB even be around in 2018?

  Answers to all the confusion around the fate of the CFPB The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in the middle of a landmark battle with PHH, which has called into question the bureau’s constitutionality. In addition, the CFPB is at the center of at least four different bills trying to overhaul it, including one […]

Loan Servicing the Right Way: Scaling Up or Down While Reducing Risk and Cost

  Achieve scalability in complex regulatory and business environments. Declining bankruptcy volumes have increased pressure to reduce servicing costs per loan. Many cost-conscious professionals are looking to outsource overseas, reduce workforce, and even removing regulatory-related checks and balances to help meet the demand to “do more with less.” But these measures may lead to increased […]

How Fannie Mae’s decision to reimburse for polycarbonate boarding in pre-foreclosure could reverse decades of blight

For decades, the only choice servicers had when securing a vacant or abandoned property was plywood. Boarding up windows and doors with plywood was supposed to keep the asset safe, but the effect was often the opposite — the boarded-up home advertised vacancy, which invited looting and other criminal activity. Now, a new alternative to […]

Pathways to eMortgage

While the industry has been talking about paperless mortgages for years, the main focus has been digitizing the application. However, new regulations, technologies and customer expectations are driving digitization all the way through to the closing table. Today, the end-to-end eMortgage is within reach. This eBook explains how banks, credit unions and lenders can take […]

The big picture on collateral loss mitigation

Loan guarantees offered by the federal government have served to make home ownership more widely accessible, allowing millions of new home-buyers to realize their dreams. But the fact that the loan is government insured is no guarantee that the investor will actually escape significant loss should these loans go into default. Investors count on servicers […]