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ServiceLink: Auction Services and Default Services — A Mortgage Industry Love Story

Auction Services and Default Services: A Mortgage Industry Love Story

With foreclosure levels still well above normal, servicers strongly rely on auction services providers to assist with the disposition of defaulted mortgage assets. While auction services providers can deliver significant value, there is still a need for greater efficiency and improved transparency during the management and disposition of defaulted mortgage assets. This white paper explores […]

Data Driven Marketing for the Housing Industry

Data Driven Marketing for the Housing Industry

Improve campaign results by leveraging multiple data points Join us for a 30 minute webinar on how programmatic advertising can help your company speak directly to your target audience effectively and efficiently. Learn how programmatic adverting is currently used in the housing industry, and how leveraging additional layers of data sources can transform real-world, offline […]

Technology blueprint to improve correspondent loan acquisition

Correspondent lenders and loan aggregators are challenged with the processes, tools and technologies they use for loan acquisition. They find themselves using a combination of multiple, one-off systems and services built around a loan origination system, whose single purpose is for the manufacturing of loans not the due diligence and validation of loans that have […]

The big picture on collateral loss mitigation

Loan guarantees offered by the federal government have served to make home ownership more widely accessible, allowing millions of new home-buyers to realize their dreams. But the fact that the loan is government insured is no guarantee that the investor will actually escape significant loss should these loans go into default. Investors count on servicers […]

The hidden threat of HOA liens

The mortgage industry operates more carefully today than ever before in terms of the types of risks it will allow. Credit rules are strict, valuation oversight is high, antifraud measures are taken and new originations are made virtually digital before submission to the major investors. But a danger exists that poses a tremendous risk for […]