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Efficiently locate and verify assets to improve home loan origination, quality and customer experience

Historically, the loan origination process has included a number of slow, resource intensive, manual, paper-based underwriting steps that not only make it difficult for borrowers, but also represent risk for lenders and Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). Particularly when it comes to liquid asset location and verification, relying on borrowers to furnish accurate information can undermine the […]

Why online mortgage sales are the future

Websites are now the primary point of sale in many industries, however mortgage brokers continue to finalize their sales in person. Mortgage websites struggle to transform their websites into effective sales tool. With the implementation of live chat as an essential customer engagement tool, mortgage websites will now have a proven strategy in place to […]

5 ways to stay compliant and close more business

We all know that just managing business often gets in the way of increasing business. Add to that the challenges inherent in today’s mortgage marketplace, and getting new customers and keeping them around can seem like a daunting task. Read this eBook to see how five effective CRM strategies can help you expand business, and […]

The 3 biggest mistakes servicers and investors make

Making mistakes in the lien release and assignment process can be costly for mortgage servicers and investors, who are facing increased scrutiny from regulators. But managing this process requires complying with a myriad of local, state and federal regulations while adapting to each county’s technology capabilities. Which of these mistakes is your company making, and […]

Manage risks associated with third party service providers

In today’s market place, companies are increasingly outsourcing tasks to third party vendors in an effort to reduce operating costs and increase their focus on core functions. While there are many benefits to using a third party vendor, there can also be significant risk. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), CFPB and […]

Bridging the Gap to eDocs

Smart lenders, servicers and the investment community are solving their complex document and data management issues without capital outlays for infrastructure and startup costs. This valuable session will provide actionable, creative insights into: Document classification and indexing Data extraction from documents Innovative solutions such as “invisible mailroom” and “park and ride” You can get there […]

Increasing customer confidence in your mortgage security processes

Online and offline, consumer anxiety about providing personal data to complete mortgage and other loan applications is at an all-time. High-profile data breaches at Target and other retailers have made consumers more conscious than ever of the threat to their personal data. For lenders, this presents a potential roadblock to completing mortgage and other loan […]

Default asset management guide to pool safety solutions

As winter’s polar vortex gives way to the warmer temperatures of spring, many property owners and default asset managers are turning their attention to pool maintenance. The Association of Pools and Spa Professionals (APSP) estimates that there are over 8 million residential swimming pools in the United States. At the same time, RealtyTrac reports that […]

Performance variation in Florida default law firms

This white paper is based on a dataset of over 20,000 foreclosure loan files initiated from 2007 through 2013 in one large county in the state of Florida. Our analysis compares law firm timelines in foreclosure cases. The data reveals that foreclosure litigation timelines differ substantially among law firms. This white paper calculates variation in […]

eRecording and eSigning mortgage documents post-closing

Get digital. Collecting and reviewing mortgage documents is increasingly complex, inefficient and labor intensive — especially when servicing mortgage loans with a nationwide footprint. That’s why eRecording and eSigning, especially in the post-closing, servicing environment, is quickly on the rise. In fact, digital recording and signing is now available in over 1,000 counties nationwide — […]

Loss mitigation measure upheld by Texas Supreme Court

“[A]s long as the original note is not satisfied and replaced, and there is no additional extension of credit, as we define it, the restructuring is valid and need not meet the constitutional requirements for a new loan.” This phrase at the opening of the Texas Supreme Court’s opinion in Sims v. Carrington Mortgage Services, […]

The hidden threat of HOA liens

The mortgage industry operates more carefully today than ever before in terms of the types of risks it will allow. Credit rules are strict, valuation oversight is high, antifraud measures are taken and new originations are made virtually digital before submission to the major investors. But a danger exists that poses a tremendous risk for […]