Challenges of Loan Origination: Estimating Accurate Property Tax Amounts

Challenges of Loan Origination: Estimating Accurate Property Tax Amounts

Much like the evolution of credit scoring, another critical component of the new loan origination process has emerged — property tax amount estimation quality. Only a consistent procurement process can ensure access to the best information available. This white paper outlines what an accurate process should entail, with insights from a controlled experiment. Publisher: CoreLogic Date: September […]

ServiceLink: Auction Services and Default Services — A Mortgage Industry Love Story

Auction Services and Default Services: A Mortgage Industry Love Story

With foreclosure levels still well above normal, servicers strongly rely on auction services providers to assist with the disposition of defaulted mortgage assets. While auction services providers can deliver significant value, there is still a need for greater efficiency and improved transparency during the management and disposition of defaulted mortgage assets. This white paper explores […]

National General - Claims Handling

Before Disaster Strikes: The Criteria Servicers Should Use in Picking an Insurance Partner

While claims handling is often a small piece of the insurance partner selection process for servicers, the insurance partner’s performance of their obligations under the insurance policy is a direct reflection on the servicer and their relationship with the homeowner. Learn more about why effective claims practices matter and how to recognize the hallmarks of […]

Where Does Profit Really Come From?

How do contractors make money? The processes and knowledge required to actually reach profit goals for contractors is challenging. Contractors need a plan, knowledge, and business discipline to make meaningful and lasting changes to their bottom line. Growing a small business is not a linear process but a step-function process. This report includes a discussion […]

Beating the boom and bust cycle in the construction industry

Beating the boom and bust cycle in the construction industry

Been in the construction biz long? If yes, then you have survived both Boom and Bust times. Did you enjoy either? Certainly, periods with an abundance of work are preferable to periods of work shortage. However, even the go-go times of a Boom period often exacts a high price on the contractor’s quality of life […]

Visionet Systems

Auto-indexing – Essential for loan document classification

With loan document packages often exceeding 500 pages and potentially including over 100 unique document types, the mortgage loan origination lifecycle is heavily dependent on accurate and efficient document classification. Loan documents come from multiple sources, including brokers, lenders, borrowers, employers, and online vendors, and the set of documents required varies from state to state. […]

Chronos: Mortgage Success

Mortgage Success in a Market Without Precedent

Executives leading mortgage lending enterprises today are doing so in a market that has no historical precedent. In this white paper, we will shed some light on today’s most critical management imperatives and share what our firm is doing to help guide our lender clients safely into a more successful future. Success in this market […]

The dangers of lending in a digital world: 2017 edition

The mortgage lending industry is an ever-growing target for data thieves. Given the number of potential victims at risk, and the value of the data they hold, organizations that operate within the lending industry are sitting ducks for the criminals who seek to exploit them. This white paper provides insight into everyday threats in mortgage […]

Vacant, damaged, and in default: A servicer’s dilemma

The paper outlines the investor and guarantor requirements for managing vacant, damaged properties in default.  How to avoid perils, manage risk, and meet the expectations of investors like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and meet the conveyance requirements of guarantors like HUD. Publisher: Superior Home Services Date: May 2017

Flood insurance tools to mitigate customer and lender risk from flood losses

Flood events constitute almost 80% of the annual U.S. weather-related catastrophes, and for servicers, it’s critical to ensure their asset portfolio is fully protected. While flood insurance is a valuable tool of protection, there are enhancements that would make the overall flood protection program more financially sound while better protecting individual homeowners and taxpayers. Publisher: National […]

Ellie Mae Webinar - Digital Transformation for Lenders

Digital Transformation for Lenders

  Platform Lending for the Mortgage Industry Digital Transformation is impacting many industries and transforming the mortgage industry is no exception. Due to the information rich nature of the loan process the industry demands that data be rapidly exchanged across multiple disparate systems. This ability to exchange information and create a fully digital process leads […]

Saving time and money by cutting your IRS 4506-T Reject rate in half

As of the third quarter of 2016, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s survey of mortgage bankers showed lenders are still paying nearly $7,000 per loan in origination expenses. To reduce this figure and maximize cost savings, lenders must not only save money on outsourced processes, but also save time. Reducing time at every stage of the […]

Will the CFPB even be around in 2018?

Will the CFPB even be around in 2018?

  Answers to all the confusion around the fate of the CFPB The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in the middle of a landmark battle with PHH, which has called into question the bureau’s constitutionality. In addition, the CFPB is at the center of at least four different bills trying to overhaul it, including one […]

Loan Servicing the Right Way: Scaling Up or Down While Reducing Risk and Cost

  Achieve scalability in complex regulatory and business environments. Declining bankruptcy volumes have increased pressure to reduce servicing costs per loan. Many cost-conscious professionals are looking to outsource overseas, reduce workforce, and even removing regulatory-related checks and balances to help meet the demand to “do more with less.” But these measures may lead to increased […]