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New Opportunities to Optimize CWCOT Disposition Strategies

Beyond waterfall resolutions: A better way for servicers to make decisions on FHA disposition channels

With the popularity of the FHA’s CWCOT program expanding, servicers continue to search for strategies for managing their foreclosed homes. Without the ability to leverage data and analytics, access to intuitive technology platforms, and cohesion across multiple vendors, they risk the chance of falling short of a successful implementation strategy. In this white paper, Min […]

Where Does Profit Really Come From?

How do contractors make money? The processes and knowledge required to actually reach profit goals for contractors is challenging. Contractors need a plan, knowledge, and business discipline to make meaningful and lasting changes to their bottom line. Growing a small business is not a linear process but a step-function process. This report includes a discussion […]

Beating the boom and bust cycle in the construction industry

Beating the boom and bust cycle in the construction industry

Been in the construction biz long? If yes, then you have survived both Boom and Bust times. Did you enjoy either? Certainly, periods with an abundance of work are preferable to periods of work shortage. However, even the go-go times of a Boom period often exacts a high price on the contractor’s quality of life […]

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Auto-indexing – Essential for loan document classification

With loan document packages often exceeding 500 pages and potentially including over 100 unique document types, the mortgage loan origination lifecycle is heavily dependent on accurate and efficient document classification. Loan documents come from multiple sources, including brokers, lenders, borrowers, employers, and online vendors, and the set of documents required varies from state to state. […]

Your Appraisal Questions, Answered

Your Appraisal Questions, Answered

Earlier this year, HousingWire conducted an appraisal webinar and could not address all of the questions from appraisers in attendance. This webinar’s panel of expert appraisers will answer those questions and even take some more. Some of the questions we’ll answer are: Is there an appraiser shortage? Will technology take your jobs? How fair and […]

Data Driven Marketing for the Housing Industry

Data Driven Marketing for the Housing Industry

Improve campaign results by leveraging multiple data points Join us for a 30 minute webinar on how programmatic advertising can help your company speak directly to your target audience effectively and efficiently. Learn how programmatic adverting is currently used in the housing industry, and how leveraging additional layers of data sources can transform real-world, offline […]

Ellie Mae Webinar - Digital Transformation for Lenders

Digital Transformation for Lenders

  Platform Lending for the Mortgage Industry Digital Transformation is impacting many industries and transforming the mortgage industry is no exception. Due to the information rich nature of the loan process the industry demands that data be rapidly exchanged across multiple disparate systems. This ability to exchange information and create a fully digital process leads […]

The path to $100M in loan volume

In Floify’s new white paper “The Path To $100M in Loan Volume”, two of the nation’s top loan officers share step-by-step strategies and insights on how to predictably grow annual volume. Lisa Wells and Andy Zemon, who drive $130m in loan volume, break down the path from $10m to $30m to $100m and reveal how […]

What is going to happen to appraisers in 2017?

What is going to happen to appraisers in 2017?

Are new industry policies surrounding appraisers helping or hurting the industry? Fannie Mae released its first selling guide updates for 2017, clarifying its rules around property inspections by appraiser trainees. According to the guide, Fannie Mae clarified its “existing policy that allows an unlicensed or uncertified appraiser, or an appraiser trainee to complete the property […]

Closing the post-closing loop

Post-closing errors related to trailing or missing documents are an expensive thorn in our industry’s side. Follow up is manual, time-consuming, and expensive. However, technology is now available to automate and simplify post-closing processes without the need to outsource or hire additional resources. Publisher: Simplifile Date: February 2017