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When Disaster Strikes: Data Helps Lenders and Servicers Be More Prepared

It’s not a matter of if, but when a disaster will strike. Natural disasters have a devastating impact on people’s lives and their homes. Leveraging disaster data, mortgage lenders and servicers gain the insight they need, by property or portfolio, to inform decisions during the critical, sensitive time following a natural disaster. This white paper […]

The Business Case for Construction Loan Management Technology

Some lenders have shied away from construction and renovation loans because of the complexity involved, but there’s a huge opportunity for those who have the right tools. Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager streamlines the process and increases efficiencies by up to 400%. Find out how you can minimize risk and speed up the process in […]

Subservicing RFP Best Practices

When it comes to loan servicing operations, the overall market dynamic has shifted in recent years, migrating away from managing assets internally towards a subservicing solution. Unfortunately, many organizations are ill equipped to design, develop and manage comprehensive subservicing RFPs that will result in reduced servicing costs, improved servicing performance and enhanced scalability. This white […]

Loan Servicing: Is Subservicing the Right Solution?

While the costs associated with in-house servicing continue to rise, overall servicing performance has declined or remains static — forcing mortgage businesses to choose between fixing operational issues to continue servicing in-house or engaging a subservicer. Evaluating all the options is a critical step in this decision-making process, and this white paper compares the real […]

Affordable Debit Card Payments for Borrowers

To meet consumer demands, mortgage servicers are evaluating omnichannel payment solutions that put borrowers in the driver’s seat. Because they spend years working with borrowers as they pay out their loans, servicers understand the benefits offered by omnichannel solutions, but are wary of the risks of opening self-service payment options to their customers, specifically, card […]

How to Ensure Lender-Placed Insurance is the Last Option

How to Ensure Lender-Placed Insurance is the Last Option

Protecting the collateral in a mortgage servicer’s portfolio through verification of adequate fire, flood and wind insurance is a requirement of investors and federal regulators. It is a complex process to consistently verify that the appropriate insurance is in place on the dwelling, paid timely and meets the requirements of the servicers as well as […]

How Digital Solutions Are Transforming the Mortgage Customer Experience

How Digital Solutions Are Transforming the Mortgage Customer Experience

The mortgage loan process continues to be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor for mortgage companies, which are facing not only the challenges of meeting escalating regulatory requirements, but also heightened consumer expectations for a quick, painless process. This paper details three game-changing digital capabilities to revolutionize your customer experience. Publisher: Sutherland Date: December 2017 Fill out the […]

Perfecting Your Process for Tax Monitoring and Lien Release

Perfecting Your Process for Tax Monitoring and Lien Release

Mortgage lending involves the creation of such a complex financial instrument that no single party can complete the work alone. It takes a team of partners to originate, service and ultimately release mortgage liens. Making sure that every party in the value chain is meeting the highest possible standards for performance requires financial services companies […]

Top Three Ways Lenders Can Increase Originations

Top Three Ways Lenders Can Increase Originations

Mortgage originations dropped sharply in the first half of 2017. XDOC has written this guide to help mortgage lenders attract more customers and streamline every step of the loan process from application to closing. Publisher: XDOC Date: November 2017 Fill out the form below and receive the white paper in your inbox.

New Opportunities to Optimize CWCOT Disposition Strategies

Beyond waterfall resolutions: A better way for servicers to make decisions on FHA disposition channels

With the popularity of the FHA’s CWCOT program expanding, servicers continue to search for strategies for managing their foreclosed homes. Without the ability to leverage data and analytics, access to intuitive technology platforms, and cohesion across multiple vendors, they risk the chance of falling short of a successful implementation strategy. In this white paper, Min […]

ServiceLink: Auction Services and Default Services — A Mortgage Industry Love Story

Auction Services and Default Services: A Mortgage Industry Love Story

With foreclosure levels still well above normal, servicers strongly rely on auction services providers to assist with the disposition of defaulted mortgage assets. While auction services providers can deliver significant value, there is still a need for greater efficiency and improved transparency during the management and disposition of defaulted mortgage assets. This white paper explores […]