A Guide to Touchless Automation

Among recent changes in the mortgage industry, perhaps the most significant has been the transition from paper to PDF documents. The introduction of electronic documents to mortgage processing has enabled increased use of automation technology across the financial services. More directly, it has led to the emergence of “Digital Lending”. This white paper discusses the […]

When Disaster Strikes: Data Helps Lenders and Servicers Be More Prepared

It’s not a matter of if, but when a disaster will strike. Natural disasters have a devastating impact on people’s lives and their homes. Leveraging disaster data, mortgage lenders and servicers gain the insight they need, by property or portfolio, to inform decisions during the critical, sensitive time following a natural disaster. This white paper […]

The Business Case for Construction Loan Management Technology

Some lenders have shied away from construction and renovation loans because of the complexity involved, but there’s a huge opportunity for those who have the right tools. Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager streamlines the process and increases efficiencies by up to 400%. Find out how you can minimize risk and speed up the process in […]

A 10 minute Guide to Digital Lending Platforms

In our increasingly digital world, consumers expect seamless experiences in all aspects of their lives. A Digital Lending Platform streamlines the process of getting a mortgage, consumer loan, or deposit account, enabling banks to close more loans at a lower cost, while creating deeper, lifelong customer relationships. In our “10 minute guide to Digital Lending […]

Subservicing RFP Best Practices

When it comes to loan servicing operations, the overall market dynamic has shifted in recent years, migrating away from managing assets internally towards a subservicing solution. Unfortunately, many organizations are ill equipped to design, develop and manage comprehensive subservicing RFPs that will result in reduced servicing costs, improved servicing performance and enhanced scalability. This white […]

Redefining AVM Cascades: A Proactive Approach to Property Valuations

While AVMs have consistently been enhanced on an individual basis over the past decade, AVM cascades haven’t seen the same type of advancements. Veros designed VeroPRECISION to disrupt the traditional AVM cascade approach and create a forward-thinking alternative option for home equity lending, one that includes an AVM decision engine that optimizes the AVM experience […]

Attracting Today’s On-Demand Consumers

Real estate websites, tech companies and mortgage lenders who publish listing data need the most accurate information available to meet customer demand. Find out how ListHub is creating value for agents and empowering publishers to innovate with a platform that easily manages listing ingestion, integration and updates. Publisher: ListHub Date: May 2019

Leaders in Lending in the Digital Age

Across every industry businesses are redefining the customer experience with robust digital platforms, cutting out any tedious or time-consuming processes for the consumer. The shift to digital platforms for the mortgage industry is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. California-based fintech company Blend built its digital mortgage platform with seamless mobile accessibility. In […]

Eight Reasons to Automate Your Secondary Marketing Functions

The complicated processes involved in secondary marketing are resource intensive, creating opportunities for lenders to deploy technology to improve operational efficiency, decision making and competitive viability. This white paper describes why lenders must automate secondary marketing functions to grow in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Publisher: Optimal Blue Date: April 2019

Loan Servicing: Is Subservicing the Right Solution?

While the costs associated with in-house servicing continue to rise, overall servicing performance has declined or remains static — forcing mortgage businesses to choose between fixing operational issues to continue servicing in-house or engaging a subservicer. Evaluating all the options is a critical step in this decision-making process, and this white paper compares the real […]