Are You Leveraging the Data You Have to Improve the Customer Experience?

Banks and their salespeople sit on mountains of customer data – but it’s often segmented and siloed in different departments and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, making it incredibly hard, if not impossible to use. Your database should be your customer base. You should treat customers differently than you treat data. Adapt your marketing efforts […]

How Digital Verification is Transforming the Mortgage Experience

In today’s digital age, consumers have come to expect simple experiences that are convenient, easy to use and happen rapidly. These expectations are exerting more pressure on the mortgage lending process. This webinar discusses the impact consumer-permissioned data is having on mortgage lending and how digital verifications can enhance both the borrower and lender experience […]

Disrupting the Disruptors: How to Compete and Win Against Incoming Digital Giants

Mega companies like Amazon, Zillow and Virgin are entering the mortgage space, with black-hole sales models built to pull every lead into their gravitational sphere. To compete, traditional mortgage companies must leverage every strength and tool to disrupt the disrupters. This means engaging prospective homebuyers above the sales funnel and providing superior customer service throughout […]

Where Will Lending & Banking Customers Come From in 2019?

Right now, 51% of homebuyers and 75% of renters find the homes they buy/rent online, respectively. With this majority of housing customers starting online rather than with local lenders or Realtors, how do you get to them first? And if you do, how do you offer a one-stop shop for renting, buying, financing, and improving […]

Is Your Business Positioned to Take Advantage of HECM Opportunities?

Find out how to align your business with where the reverse mortgage market is right now from the experts at AAG, the No. 1 reverse lender in the nation.  The October 2nd changes to the HECM program have altered the reverse mortgage landscape, presenting both challenges and new opportunities for lenders. This webinar will focus […]

5 Ways For Lenders To Increase Operational Efficiency with Technology

Rising interest rates, strong home price appreciation and a tight housing supply have combined in 2018 as a perfect storm resulting in a negative profit outlook for mortgage companies. Lenders are finding the silver lining to this dark cloud largely through making changes to their own processes to preserve net gains. SimpleNexus’ digital mortgage technology […]

Big data: Finding the best and worst housing markets

What does 2016 have in store for the US housing market? While some forecasts predict significant value increases across certain markets, other forecasts are more conservative. Which ones have it right? To obtain valuable insights you can’t get anywhere else, plan on attending HousingWire’s US Housing Forecast webinar. In partnership with HouseCanary, the nation’s most […]

HW Expert Webinar: Reaching underserved borrowers

Homeownership is and continues to be the American Dream for the Hispanic community. Do you have the right tools and procedures in place to meet the needs of this diverse group of borrowers? Or do you need help understanding what your next steps should be to better serve them? HousingWire gathered three experts on the […]

HW Expert Webinar: The Millennial Mortgage

Are you ready to say hello to 75 million home buying Millennials?  The largest generation is growing up, and quick. And unlike popular belief, they do want to buy homes; but it won’t be the same way as their predecessors. Millennials demand social media, online banking — and yes, online mortgages. Attendees will learn: An inside […]

TILA-RESPA: Important details you may have missed

There have been a lot of Webinars and topics of discussion at conferences on the new TILA-RESPA (TRID) regulation set place to take effect on August 1, 2015. The Devil in these new rules is in the details, and some of those rarely discussed topics & solutions will be answered by the leading industry professionals […]

Loan files: what you don’t know can hurt you

The mortgage secondary market has seen an increase in regulation and required due diligence. In recent times there have been servicing transfers, particularly with seasoned and re-performing loans, with buybacks as high as 70%- 80% due to errors found by the buyer. The main risks evaluated by the ratings agencies relate to borrower credit, property […]

America’s lost equity comes home

While the housing crash was heartbreaking, the recovery has been nearly miraculous. In the past two years, housing gains and a strong stock market have restored $14.22 trillion to household wealth, the largest such increase in any two-year period in US history, according to the Federal Reserve.6 has conducted a comprehensive assessment and analysis […]

Real-time detection and control of fair lending risks

Thrive in an new era of scrutiny. Mortgage lenders are facing intense scrutiny of their fair lending regulatory compliance. At the same time, compliance costs are mounting and lender margins are being squeezed by market conditions. In this environment, developing cost-effective techniques to manage fair lending risk and increase operational efficiencies can mean the difference […]

Bridging the Gap to eDocs

Smart lenders, servicers and the investment community are solving their complex document and data management issues without capital outlays for infrastructure and startup costs. This valuable session will provide actionable, creative insights into: Document classification and indexing Data extraction from documents Innovative solutions such as “invisible mailroom” and “park and ride” You can get there […]

Increasing customer confidence in your mortgage security processes

Online and offline, consumer anxiety about providing personal data to complete mortgage and other loan applications is at an all-time. High-profile data breaches at Target and other retailers have made consumers more conscious than ever of the threat to their personal data. For lenders, this presents a potential roadblock to completing mortgage and other loan […]