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Suitability Logic: The Next Big Innovation

When it comes to valuation and title, lenders need more than just property data, they need property intelligence The margin compression plaguing the industry continues and lenders are looking for solutions that can reduce their costs without sacrificing compliance standards or the consumer experience. For valuation and title services related to home equity lending, FirstClose […]

Are You Leveraging the Data You Have to Improve the Customer Experience?

Banks and their salespeople sit on mountains of customer data – but it’s often segmented and siloed in different departments and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, making it incredibly hard, if not impossible to use. Your database should be your customer base. You should treat customers differently than you treat data. Adapt your marketing efforts […]

How Digital Verification is Transforming the Mortgage Experience

In today’s digital age, consumers have come to expect simple experiences that are convenient, easy to use and happen rapidly. These expectations are exerting more pressure on the mortgage lending process. This webinar discusses the impact consumer-permissioned data is having on mortgage lending and how digital verifications can enhance both the borrower and lender experience […]

Quantarium Residential Valuation Model Technical Overview

Quantarium is an Artificial Intelligence software company founded by a team of veteran computer scientists who developed a suite of advanced online software services, including an automated, commercial-grade residential valuation service. The Quantarium AVM (QVM) is built on a novel set of disruptive technologies that combine “big data” with complex modeling and optimization techniques. At […]

Disrupting the Disruptors: How to Compete and Win Against Incoming Digital Giants

Mega companies like Amazon, Zillow and Virgin are entering the mortgage space, with black-hole sales models built to pull every lead into their gravitational sphere. To compete, traditional mortgage companies must leverage every strength and tool to disrupt the disrupters. This means engaging prospective homebuyers above the sales funnel and providing superior customer service throughout […]

Challenges of Loan Origination

With the increased scrutiny around the preparation of the Loan Estimate, lenders must increase the quality and consistency of the processes used to calculate the projected tax amounts listed in the documentation provided to the borrower. Although the current RESPA-TILA regulation calls for lenders to use reliable sources and methods to determine accurate tax amounts, […]

Going Beyond Data: What Lenders Should Expect From Data Analytics

Without a doubt, competition is fierce in the current market. Lenders are looking for efficiencies in every area, but in addition to reducing overhead and costs, mortgage companies who hope to stay ahead must use business analytics to become smarter and more strategic. The ability to glean critical insights from business intelligence is far greater […]

Where Will Lending & Banking Customers Come From in 2019?

Right now, 51% of homebuyers and 75% of renters find the homes they buy/rent online, respectively. With this majority of housing customers starting online rather than with local lenders or Realtors, how do you get to them first? And if you do, how do you offer a one-stop shop for renting, buying, financing, and improving […]

Is Your Business Positioned to Take Advantage of HECM Opportunities?

Find out how to align your business with where the reverse mortgage market is right now from the experts at AAG, the No. 1 reverse lender in the nation.  The October 2nd changes to the HECM program have altered the reverse mortgage landscape, presenting both challenges and new opportunities for lenders. This webinar will focus […]

Lending: Reduce the Risk of Fraud Through Digital Asset Verification

Fraud in mortgage lending has reached its highest level since the Recession and is increasing by 12.4% year over year. Currently, the misrepresentation of income on mortgage applications is plaguing the housing market, up by 22.1% in the second quarter of 2018. This particular type of fraud costs lenders millions and adds to the due […]

The Next Mortgage Innovation: Software That Can Think

In a shrinking market with rising interest rates, the fate of companies is largely being decided by their ability to make things easier, faster and better for their borrowers. In this arms race, companies are turning to digital solutions to maximize employee productivity and save human interaction for when it matters most. Find out how […]

A Case Study for Mortgage Automation

A Case Study for Mortgage Automation

See how Home Point Financial and Capsilon teamed up to improve operational efficiency and cut purchase review time by 33%. Mortgage companies are under increasing pressure to deliver better experiences for borrowers, employees and third party originators at a time when margins are at their lowest point in years. Companies who want to compete need […]

Home Point Financial Cuts Purchase Review Time by 33%

Companies in mortgage are under increasing pressure to deliver better experiences for borrowers, employees and third-party originators at a time when margins are at their lowest point in years. Those who want to compete need to adopt new technologies that can drive significant business transformation. See how Home Point Financial is innovating and building their […]

Are Properties Ever Unsuitable for an AVM?

What happens when a property is deemed unsuitable for AVM use? The second in a series, this white paper takes a look at properties that were deemed unsuitable for AVM use by VeroPRECISION, a superior new alternative to the traditional AVM cascade approach for equity lenders. During the analysis, Veros employed its VeroPRECISION decision engine […]

How to Build the Modern Mortgage

How to Build the Modern Mortgage

Digital transformation is making it faster and easier to do business across every industry, and mortgage is no different. However, mortgages are complex, heavily regulated, and involve a lot of people — making the move to digital more challenging. For most lenders, identifying the first steps in improving their closing process is confusing. Between vendors, […]