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Digital Transformation for Lenders

How automated is your competition? You might be surprised…

Everyone is talking about mortgage automation, but how far along are they really? This past May, STRATMOR Group surveyed top lenders to understand what technologies they have adopted and how far along they are in their automation journey. In this webinar, Andrew Weiss, Principal of STRATMOR Group, and Steve Viarengo, SVP of Digital Mortgage Solutions […]

Redefining AVM Cascades: A Proactive Approach to Property Valuations

While AVMs have consistently been enhanced on an individual basis over the past decade, AVM cascades haven’t seen the same type of advancements. Veros designed VeroPRECISION to disrupt the traditional AVM cascade approach and create a forward-thinking alternative option for home equity lending, one that includes an AVM decision engine that optimizes the AVM experience […]

The LOS and Fintech at a Crossroads

The Battle for Borrowers: How to drive mortgage originations despite the challenging environment

Low housing inventories, thin margins, stiff competition, economic fluctuations, and rigid underwriting requirements make the current market a tough one for mortgage lenders. This presents an opportunity for you. Now is the ideal time to seize market share from your competitors. By laser-targeting the right borrowers when they’re house shopping, you’ll win business over lenders […]

Attracting Today’s On-Demand Consumers

Real estate websites, tech companies and mortgage lenders who publish listing data need the most accurate information available to meet customer demand. Find out how ListHub is creating value for agents and empowering publishers to innovate with a platform that easily manages listing ingestion, integration and updates. Publisher: ListHub Date: May 2019

But seriously, how close are we to a fully digital mortgage?

The Home Stretch of a 30-Year Digital Mortgage Journey. Twenty-four years ago, Fannie Mae introduced the industry’s first automated underwriting system. Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) enhanced the human-led process with digital underwriting tools. But for years data on paper was still keyed into AUSs. Now consumers can move fast by direct-connecting their data, LOs can advise […]

New Valuation Trends Disrupting the Industry

This webinar is ideal for originators who have purview over valuation strategy or leverage valuations in their day-to-day. With the shifting landscape of the appraisal industry and constant advances in technology, the valuation space is changing rapidly. What does that mean for originators? It’s time to take a fresh look at your valuation strategy and […]

How to Deliver an End-to-End Digital Mortgage through a Well-Built Tech Stack

New technology has evolved the mortgage process, creating efficiencies for loan officers and delivering added convenience customers have come to expect. Despite the benefits these various technical offerings make possible, lenders now face the challenge of wading through the numerous available options in order to build a tech stack that results in a profitable digital […]

Streamlined for Profit: Standing up Successful Construction-to-Permanent Lending Programs

To meet long-term residential demand, the housing market requires millions of new homes to be constructed. New construction properties are gaining significant attention and traction for consumers. This supply and demand has caused the interest in Construction-to-Permanent (CTP) products to grow substantially amongst competitive lenders wanting to stay relevant in the market. With these drivers […]

Leaders in Lending in the Digital Age

Across every industry businesses are redefining the customer experience with robust digital platforms, cutting out any tedious or time-consuming processes for the consumer. The shift to digital platforms for the mortgage industry is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. California-based fintech company Blend built its digital mortgage platform with seamless mobile accessibility. In […]

Eight Reasons to Automate Your Secondary Marketing Functions

The complicated processes involved in secondary marketing are resource intensive, creating opportunities for lenders to deploy technology to improve operational efficiency, decision making and competitive viability. This white paper describes why lenders must automate secondary marketing functions to grow in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Publisher: Optimal Blue Date: April 2019

Recruiting in 2019? See why your tech platform is key to attracting – and retaining – the best loan officers and account executives

Megan Pulliam, Ellie Mae’s VP of Business Development and Eric Kujala, Capsilon’s Director of Strategic Partnerships will discuss how originators and correspondent lenders can leverage technology integrations to enhance the loan officer experience to recruit and retain top Loan Officer and Account Executive talent. High levels of customer satisfaction are what Loan Officers and Account […]

How to Thrive in a Compressed Margin Market

How can mortgage lenders grow their business in a low-volume environment where buyers still expect Amazon-like service? Find out in this white paper from SimpleNexus, which outlines how to partner with Realtors and builders to build referral pipelines, how to empower LOs to be more efficient — and happy — and how to deliver a […]