The path to $100M in loan volume

In Floify’s new white paper “The Path To $100M in Loan Volume”, two of the nation’s top loan officers share step-by-step strategies and insights on how to predictably grow annual volume. Lisa Wells and Andy Zemon, who drive $130m in loan volume, break down the path from $10m to $30m to $100m and reveal how […]

What is going to happen to appraisers in 2017?

What is going to happen to appraisers in 2017?

Are new industry policies surrounding appraisers helping or hurting the industry? Fannie Mae released its first selling guide updates for 2017, clarifying its rules around property inspections by appraiser trainees. According to the guide, Fannie Mae clarified its “existing policy that allows an unlicensed or uncertified appraiser, or an appraiser trainee to complete the property […]

HMDA: The new frontier of reporting

Are you ready for years of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) changes? Get prepared now, download Ellie Mae’s HMDA: The New Frontier of Reporting whitepaper. You’ll get insight into timing, and better understand what’s changing and how to ensure continued compliance success. Topics include: Changes to depository and non-depository applicable institutions Changes/additions to collected, reported […]

How Fannie Mae’s decision to reimburse for polycarbonate boarding in pre-foreclosure could reverse decades of blight

For decades, the only choice servicers had when securing a vacant or abandoned property was plywood. Boarding up windows and doors with plywood was supposed to keep the asset safe, but the effect was often the opposite — the boarded-up home advertised vacancy, which invited looting and other criminal activity. Now, a new alternative to […]

Closing the post-closing loop

Post-closing errors related to trailing or missing documents are an expensive thorn in our industry’s side. Follow up is manual, time-consuming, and expensive. However, technology is now available to automate and simplify post-closing processes without the need to outsource or hire additional resources. Publisher: Simplifile Date: February 2017

Trump's Mortgage Nation

Housing Outlook 2017: Trump’s Mortgage Nation

You have questions about the next President? We have the answers. A new year brings new uncertainties, but 2017 brings a new President and administration with not just an unknown level of change, but an unknown amount of change. Join HousingWire as we host a free extended Q&A session featuring key industry experts answering your questions […]

2016 loan officer recruitment and retention study

Mortgage automation platform, Floify, announced the results of an industry-wide study on loan officer recruitment and retention. The study solicited over 13,000 mortgage originators, specifically loan officers, branch managers, and area sales managers. The analysis focused on LO’s with an annual loan volume of $21 million or more in order to distinguish the needs and […]

Legal and Regulatory Update on Electronic Mortgage Closings Edit

Legal and Regulatory Update on Electronic Mortgage Closings

As electronic signatures flourish throughout the market, new regulations, technologies, and customer expectations are driving digitization from lenders in mortgage applications, renewals, and disclosure delivery, significantly reducing the time between application and closings. Originators big and small have successfully automated the initial stages of the mortgage process, however, because the closing process is so complex, […]

Lend Confidently Remove TRID Risk

Lend Confidently: Remove TRID Risk

Loan origination volume is expected to reach $1.8 trillion in 2017 according to estimates from FBR & Co. While this growth is good news for the housing finance market, constant adjustments to TRID and QM continue to impact potential growth for lenders. HousingWire has assembled an expert panel to take your questions on all things […]

Technology blueprint to improve correspondent loan acquisition

Correspondent lenders and loan aggregators are challenged with the processes, tools and technologies they use for loan acquisition. They find themselves using a combination of multiple, one-off systems and services built around a loan origination system, whose single purpose is for the manufacturing of loans not the due diligence and validation of loans that have […]