New technology requires new behaviors

To make the most of their capital investment in technology, organizations should view technology adoption as a change management process. Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change that considers both organizational and individual needs to define and implement the procedures that accompany change. To facilitate a successful technology implementation, organizations should 1) […]

Collaboration in todays TRID environment

TRID has changed the operational landscape dramatically for both lenders and settlement agents. In today’s post-TRID environment, collaboration is crucial for meeting the new requirements. This represents a dramatic change in how the lender and settlement agent have interacted in the past. As a result, many continue to rely on pre-TRID means of communication, rather […]

Fixing the foreclosure fallout

As the housing market continues to recover from the Great Recession, the overall number of foreclosure starts has fallen on a nationwide basis. However, there are more than a dozen states where that trend reversed this year, and foreclosures completed in the second quarter of 2016 took an average of 629 days. For communities dealing […]

Pathways to eMortgage

While the industry has been talking about paperless mortgages for years, the main focus has been digitizing the application. However, new regulations, technologies and customer expectations are driving digitization all the way through to the closing table. Today, the end-to-end eMortgage is within reach. This eBook explains how banks, credit unions and lenders can take […]

The big picture on collateral loss mitigation

Loan guarantees offered by the federal government have served to make home ownership more widely accessible, allowing millions of new home-buyers to realize their dreams. But the fact that the loan is government insured is no guarantee that the investor will actually escape significant loss should these loans go into default. Investors count on servicers […]

Efficiently locate and verify assets to improve home loan origination, quality and customer experience

Historically, the loan origination process has included a number of slow, resource intensive, manual, paper-based underwriting steps that not only make it difficult for borrowers, but also represent risk for lenders and Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). Particularly when it comes to liquid asset location and verification, relying on borrowers to furnish accurate information can undermine the […]

Why online mortgage sales are the future

Websites are now the primary point of sale in many industries, however mortgage brokers continue to finalize their sales in person. Mortgage websites struggle to transform their websites into effective sales tool. With the implementation of live chat as an essential customer engagement tool, mortgage websites will now have a proven strategy in place to […]

HW Q&A: TRID Discussion

HW Q&A: Top answers on how the CFPB enforces TRID

More than seven months post-TRID, and you still have questions. This TRID thing should be getting easier right? Well it’s not, and you’re far from alone in your frustrations. The industry recently banded together to push the CFPB to give additional guidance on how they will interpret and enforce TRID. In turn, the bureau announced […]

Real Estate Sales in the Digital Age

Real Estate Sales in the Digital Age

How technology is changing the way people find, buy, and sell real estate Today’s real estate market continues to move online, as most buyers begin their search online and continue to leverage the power of the Internet throughout the process. Is your disposition process setup to take advantage of this evolution? Join HousingWire and […]

The dangers of lending in a digital world

The mortgage lending industry is an ever-growing target for data thieves. Given the number of potential victims at risk, and the value of the data they hold, organizations that operate within the lending industry are at wide open targets for data thieves both externally, and internal to the organization. Now that TRID is fully implemented, […]

5 ways to stay compliant and close more business

We all know that just managing business often gets in the way of increasing business. Add to that the challenges inherent in today’s mortgage marketplace, and getting new customers and keeping them around can seem like a daunting task. Read this eBook to see how five effective CRM strategies can help you expand business, and […]

HW Expert Webinar Replay: Data Privacy and Cyber Security

HW Expert Webinar: Data Privacy and Cyber Security

Practical considerations for the lending industry Your company’s threat of a security breach is rapidly changing from whether it will happen or not to when it’s going to happen. If you’re looking at the information security team as your main defense, you need to make changes fast.   You can’t count on them alone to […]